UPS Freight Teamsters Vote 91.26% Yes On Strike Authorization

UPS Freight Teamsters have voted by 91.26% to authorize the IBT to call a strike if necessary to win a fair contract. 

Vote Yes for Strike Authorization

A strike authorization ballot packet was mailed to every UPS Freight Teamster on May 15. Vote Yes to send UPS Freight a message that members are fighting for a strong contract.

UPS In Talks to Outsource Freight Work

UPS is in talks to hire the nonunion trucking company Werner Enterprises to launch home-delivery of furniture and other freight.

Strike Authorization Vote at UPS Freight

A conference call will be held on May 9 with local unions to discuss holding a strike authorization vote by UPS Freight Teamsters. Then UPS Freight Teamsters will vote by electronic balloting on giving the IBT authorization to call a strike.

Vote Yes for UPSF Strike Authorization by Sunday Night Deadline

UPS Freight Teamsters have until Sunday night to increase our union’s bargaining leverage by Voting Yes in the strike authorization vote.

UPS Freight Profits Soar, Wants Givebacks

UPS announced first quarter profits of $1.35 billion today and told Wall Street that its profits for the year will top $6 billion.

The company’s strong profits are good news for UPS Teamsters and give us leverage in contract negotiations.


First a Brownout, Now a Crackdown

Hoffa’s Package Division has expelled a member of the National Negotiating Committee for breaking the Information Brownout on contract negotiations.  Members have a right to know about their contract. Teamsters United is not backing down.

UPS Freight Negotiations Update

The National Negotiating Committee and UPS Freight completed their second week of contract talks on February 1.

The Union has many good proposals on the table. We can improve our substandard contract if the Hoffa administration stands their ground. The company is demanding givebacks to test the Hoffa administration and distract us from winning the improvements we need. We can’t let that happen.

$6 Billion in Profits? No Givebacks at UPS Freight

UPS is telling investors that its profits in 2018 will top $6 billion. But at the negotiating table, UPS is trying to soak the 260,000 Teamsters at UPS and UPS Freight.

Our Bargaining Demands at UPS Freight

UPS Freight Teamsters are fed up with working under a substandard contract.

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