Strike Authorization Vote at UPS Freight

A conference call will be held on May 9 with local unions to discuss holding a strike authorization vote by UPS Freight Teamsters. Then UPS Freight Teamsters will vote by electronic balloting on giving the IBT authorization to call a strike.


Voting YES does not mean there will be a strike at UPS Freight. The contract does not expire until August 1. But a strong YES vote will send a message that members demand a good contract with no concessions.

UPS made $4.9 billion in profits after taxes last year. The company recently promised investors that profits this year will top $6 billion.

The decision to hold a strike authorization vote is a surprise. Normally, a strike vote is called as a strategic move to increase leverage at a critical juncture in negotiations.

But Kris Taylor and the IBT have reported that negotiations are smooth sailing, while keeping members in the dark about any real details.

How the Vote Will Work

After the conference call on May 9, local unions will vote by fax on holding a strike authorization vote. After that, members will vote by electronic balloting to give the IBT strike authorization.

This will be the first national electronic vote by UPS Freight Teamsters.

A ballot packet will be mailed to every member with voting instructions and a unique code. Members will be able to vote by computer, tablet, iPad, and smart phone—or you can call in to vote.

The vote is secret. If a member does not receive a ballot packet and code, he or she can call to have a replacement electronic voting packet mailed.

The strike vote will be completed in time for UPS Freight negotiations on June 6.

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